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just decided to finally use my all time art pseudonym – Teribi for this blog. 



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well, what’s with the hearts?

right now, i’ve been dabbling with watercolors… and i realized that it’s the medium that suits me best. I don’t know but i feel relaxed and happy while painting or illustrating using watercolors than with ink. But of course, ink was first my medium during my childhood’s doodling years… If you’ve seen my recent artworks lately, they are illustrated using watercolors. You know, traditional art… because, as much as I’d like to draw using a tablet right now, unfortunately, (with laughs) err… i don’t have money to buy one, because as a mom… it’s just not in my priority list, as much as i’d like it to be. Since, watercolor pads, watercolor paints and paint brushes are more abundant at home (thanks to my husband who’s a self-taught traditional artist… like more of as a hobby or for former submissions in our university’s newspaper publication where we used to be senior artists and writers as well…)… I find solace in watercolors.

And speaking of my childhood doodling years, as much as I try to make my drawings, realistic, like my husband’s (see zhenfen.deviantart.com)… and as required to me before by my former bosses at work ( I used to work as an artist for 2 clothing companies)… my style really shows. I can’t change my “manga-style” illustration. I dunno, maybe it’s the kind of style I grew up doing, or the kind of style I got used to as a child, or maybe the first kind of style i got initiated with (thanks to my anime-fandom before…during those late 90s to early 2000s)….In short, it’s just my style.

I believe, it’s time for me to really embrace and go back to my roots —- Shoujo-style illustration (familar with Shoujo manga?—Sailormoon, Hana Yori dango, etc.)

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